Cover for A P J Abdul Kalam’s Wings of Fire: A Memoir

A P J Abdul Kalam’s “Wings of Fire” is an autobiography that traces his life journey, from his childhood in a small town in Tamil Nadu to his work as a scientist and his rise to the presidency of India. The book talks about India’s journey to self-reliance in technology and the role played by Kalam in this journey. It is a compelling story of a man who overcame many obstacles to achieve his dreams and serve his country.

The cover for the book “Wings of Fire” features a photograph of A P J Abdul Kalam in a thoughtful pose, looking upwards towards the sky. The photograph is courtesy of The Week, a popular Indian news magazine. The cover design is simple yet striking, with the title “Wings of Fire” in bold red letters against a black background. The subtitle “A Memoir” is written in smaller letters below the title.

The cover design of “Wings of Fire” is a reflection of the book’s content. The title “Wings of Fire” represents the author’s dreams and aspirations, while the photograph of Kalam looking upwards symbolizes his constant search for knowledge and his belief in the power of science and technology. The black background is a representation of the challenges and obstacles that Kalam faced in his life, while the red letters of the title represent the passion and determination that helped him overcome these challenges.

TitleWings of Fire: A Memoir
AuthorA P J Abdul Kalam, Arun Tiwari
Cover artistPhotograph courtesy: The Week
SubjectIndia’s journey to self-reliance in technology
PublisherUniversities Press
Publication date1999
Media typePrint (paperback)
Pages180 (paperback edition)
ISBN81-7371-146-1 (paperback edition)
LC ClassQ143.A197 A3 1999

In conclusion, the cover for A P J Abdul Kalam’s “Wings of Fire” is a fitting representation of the book’s content. It captures the essence of Kalam’s life journey and his vision for India’s future. The book continues to inspire readers worldwide and serves as a testament to the power of dreams and determination.