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Ananya Gambhir is a Social Media Influencer and a famous star on Social Networks like YouTube and Instagram. Is 11 years old as of 2022. She was born on 29 December 2011 in a Hindu Family in New Delhi, India.


Ananya Gambhir was born on 29 December 2011. She will be 11 years old in 2022. She is a celebrity TikTok star. Ananya Gambhir’s Life Path Number is only nine, per the numerology.

Ananya Gambhir, The TikTok star, gained 390k followers by sharing cinematic videos about romance and joy. In addition, her edited video content captured while traveling has earned 3.4 million likes.


Ananya Gambhir’s mother’s name is Megha Gambhir. Her mother is a housewife, and Foods related posts on Instagram.

Let’s talk about the main person, Sahil Gambhir, who is Ananya Gambhir’s beloved uncle. Sahil Gambhir, who uploads videos on Instagram daily.

Her real sister’s name is Angel Gambhir. She is older than Ananya Gambhir.

Sahil Gambhir, Real Daughter, and Wife:

Sahil Gambhir is 25 years old as of 2022. He is not married yet. Sahil Gambhir’s girlfriend and wife’s name has yet to be known.

Instagram star Ananya Gambhir is Sahil Gambhir’s niece, his elder brother’s daughter.

Income & Net worth:

Ananya Gambhir’s income mainly comes from the work that created her reputation: a TikTok star. Information about Ananya Gambhir’s net worth is around 100k as of 2022.

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Before Fame:

Ananya Gambhir was born on 12-29-2011. That means she has a life path number is 9. In 2023, Her Year Number is 3. She began posting duets with other TikTok users in 2018.

The Numerology of Ananya Gambhir:

Being a Life Path Number 9 means embarking on a lifelong quest to quench an insatiable thirst for growth and new experiences in her life. People always search for Ananya Gambhir’s experiences, education, more deep talks, and the next adventure.

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The success of Ananya Gambhir:

She posted a TikTok centered around the chocolate truffles from the brand Ferrer Rocher and romance that gained 177,200 views.

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