Anirudh Sharma Age, GF, Biography, Family, Wife, Net-Worth and Much More

Anirudh Sharma is an Indian social media influencer and YouTube and Instagram star known for his singing, short lip-sync and dancing videos.

At present, Anirudh Sharma lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India. He was born on 8 August 1999 in Una, Himachal Pradesh, India. He graduated from a college in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Currently, Anirudh Sharma is dating Mrunal Panchal. Mrunal is also a Social Media Influencer and a Makeup Artist.

When TikTok was banned in India, he switched to Instagram. Anirudh has a huge fanbase following on his Instagram account and YouTube Channel. He has over 1 million followers on his Instagram account and over 500k subscribers on his YouTube channel. So, Anirudh Sharma is one of the most well-known social media personalities.

Anirudh Sharma’s Salary and Net worth:

Anirudh Sharma takes approx. Of Rs 50k – 1 lakh per Instagram Post. The salary of Anirudh Sharma is approx. 1 lakh per month. He earns mostly from Brand Endorsements, Acting, and Modelling. His Net Worth is around Rs 7 Crores ($1 million) as of 2022.

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Anirudh Sharma Biography:

Full NameAnirudh Sharma
Date Of Birth8 Aug 1999
Age (as of 2022) 23 Years
HometownHimachal Pradesh, India
Zodiac SignCancer

Anirudh Sharma is a Singer, Model, Actor, and famous Social Media Influencer from India. He is a well-known Artist, and his Fiancé is Mrunal Panchal.

Anirudh Sharma’s feed on his Instagram page reflects the diversified content he creates about singing, fashion, and lifestyle. He is well-known for staying in tune with the latest trends and the most creative and stylistic marketing.

Anirudh Sharma is always being real, consistent, and genuine in all his content which builds trust in his followers. He іѕ а a very creative thinker with a positive attitude inner-directed, self-motivated individual. He works with focus and determination to turn dreams into reality.

Anirudh Sharma has a proactive approach and painted the canvas of his dream with the color of his consistent efforts. His dashing looks, unique outfits, and personality are worth noticing.

Anirudh Sharma was born and raised in Himachal Pradesh, India. Anirudh Sharma was born on 8 Aug 1999. He will be 23 years old in 2022. Anirudh Sharma’s Nationality is Indian, and his Religion is Hinduism. His Zodiac sign is Cancer.

He completed his schooling at a local high school in Una, Himachal Pradesh. After that, he enrolled at the University of Pune in Pune, India, where he graduated.

Anirudh Sharma is always bеіng passionate about his work. He аlwауѕ wanted tо carve а niche fоr himѕеlf іn Life, wаѕ thе spark thаt ignited а fire іn Him.

Having Smart and a very dynamic personality. He got a Gentle Personality with her fiancé Mrunal Panchal. He is highly popular among youth.

Anirudh Sharma is approximately 6’0″ inches tall and weighs around 78kg. He has a Muscular Build. His eye color is Brown, and he has Black hair.

ProfessionSinger, Model, Actor, and famous Social Media Influencer
Schoolinglocal high school in Una, Himachal Pradesh
GraduatedUniversity of Pune in Pune, India
Height6’0″ inches
Hair ColourBlack hair
Eye ColourBrown


Girlfriend/FianceMrunal Panchal
Girlfriend NameMrunal Panchal
Girlfriend Age23 Years

Anirudh Sharma started dating Mrunal Panchal in 2019. At that time, they make videos together. Their videos were mostly Lip sync videos.

After getting in touch so closely, they started making songs and comedy videos.

Mrunal Panchal is a Fashion Blogger and a Model. She mostly makes fashion videos or makeup videos for her audience.

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TikTok Life:

Anirudh Sharma was very popular on TikTok. In the starting phase, he normally creates songs lip sync videos solely. After some time, he included some people to gain more audience and fanbase.

Anirudh Sharma has over 2 Million+ followers on his TikTok account and over 20 Million+ Likes on his TikTok videos.

But after TikTok was banned in India, he switched to Instagram and YouTube like another social media influencer. Currently, he has over 1 Million+ follower on his Instagram account and over 500k Subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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YouTube Channel:

Anirudh Sharma’s YouTube channel name is Anirudh Sharma. He has over 550k+ Subscribers on his YouTube channel. Anirudh Sharma mostly uploads video song albums on his channel.

On his channel, he uploads videos sung by himself. also His mostly songs were very popular when he started to make videos on YouTube. Currently, he has so many videos with over 1 Million+ views.

Anirudh Sharma and mrunal Panchal makes many songs and album together to build his audience fanbase.

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Some Anirudh Sharma About Facts:

  1. Anirudh Sharma’s Instagram account has more than 1.5M+ followers
  2. He loves trying different things, like a variety of fashions.
  3. He is quite popular for his stylish looks among the younger generation.
  4. Anirudh Sharma’s passion for delivering something new and something better. This is the key to Anirudh Sharma’s success & perseverance.
  5. He believes in following a healthy and fit lifestyle with a positive attitude.
  6. Anirudh Sharma always stays up to date-with the industry. He pushes the boundaries to help his audience in whatever the audience wants.
  7. Anirudh Sharma always lооkѕ fоr opportunities to convert ideas іnto action, along with his brand of creativity іntо еvеrу important Life, аnd develop strategies for innovation.
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