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Vagmita Jiji, also known as Vagmi, is a talented and renowned social media influencer and model. Born on April 5, 1996, in the bustling city of Mumbai, India, she has mesmerized audiences with her captivating presence and creativity. At the age of 26 in 2023, Vagmita hails from a high-class family and is known for her elegance and charm. With a height of 5.5 feet and weighing 55kg, she possesses a striking physical appearance that further enhances her allure.

Real NameVagmita Jiji
Age (as of 2023)27 years
Date of Birth5 April 1996
HometownMumbai, India
Boyfriend/HusbandNot Known

Rise to Fame:

Vagmita Jiji’s journey to fame began in 2018 when she ventured into the world of TikTok. Her talent, charisma, and dedication led to a meteoric rise in popularity, amassing a remarkable one million followers and five million likes on the platform. Her captivating TikTok videos have captivated audiences and showcased her unique style and creativity. Vagmita’s innate ability to connect with her audience has made her a favorite among social media users.

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Physical Appearance:

Vagmita Jiji possesses a striking physical appearance that adds to her overall charm. Standing at a height of 5.5 feet and weighing 55kg, she carries herself with grace and confidence. Her well-maintained physique reflects her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

Multi-platform Success:

Beyond TikTok, Vagmita has expanded her presence to other social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. With over 400k followers on Instagram and 20k subscribers on YouTube, she has created a strong online presence. Her engaging content and captivating personality have attracted a large and dedicated fan base. Through her posts and videos, Vagmita offers a glimpse into her luxurious lifestyle, fashion sense, and travel experiences, further cementing her position as a sought-after social media influencer.

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High-class Lifestyle/Family:

Father: Not Known
Mother:Not Known
Brother:Not Known

Coming from a high-class family, Vagmita Jiji enjoys a life of luxury. Her parents’ affluence has afforded her the opportunity to experience the finer things in life. She completed her schooling and college education in Mumbai, India, further shaping her vibrant personality and strong work ethic. Vagmita’s dedication to her craft and commitment to producing top-notch content have contributed to her success as a model and social media influencer.

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In summary, Vagmita Jiji, with her magnetic presence, creative talent, and luxurious lifestyle, has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of social media. Her journey from TikTok stardom to multi-platform success is a testament to her hard work, determination, and ability to connect with her audience. With a promising future ahead, Vagmita continues to inspire and entertain her followers with her remarkable content.

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Know More About

  • Social Media Influencer
  • Instagram: Over 400k followers
  • YouTube: Over 20k subscribers
  • Born on 5 April 1996
  • Age: 26 years in 2022
  • Hometown: Mumbai, India
  • Family: 4 members including mother, father, and brother
  • Belongs to a high-class family
  • Raised and brought up in Mumbai, India
  • Enjoys a luxurious lifestyle
  • Parents are affluent
  • Completed schooling in Mumbai, India
  • College education also in Mumbai, India
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