Itishree Murmu (Draupadi Murmu Daughter) Biography, Age, Education

Itishree Murmu is an Indian bank employee/teller who works for UCO Bank. She is known as the daughter of Indian politician Draupadi Murmu, and attended Suryadatta Institute of Management and Mass Communication (SIMMC), Pune. She was born into an Adivasi family in Jharkhand.

Draupadi Murmu Mother of Itishree Murmu:

Indian politician Draupadi Murmu is the 2022 presidential candidate for the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance of India. She served as the 9th governor of Jharkhand from 2015 to 2021.

She was born in Orissa, India. As Jharkhand’s first female governor to complete her five-year term, she is the first tribe woman to be named president of India.
With the presidential election approaching, Droupadi Murmu’s daughter, Itishree Murmu, said in one of her recent statements that everyone would support her mother if they want to know her.

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Who is Itishree Murmu?

Itishree Murmu, Mother, aged 35, works as a bank clerk in Bhubaneswar. Looking back on her early life, she notes that she felt more pressure because her mother was also a teacher. She first as a daughter, then as a student. She added that her mother is a strict disciplinarian, and her work-life balance is consistent.

Itishree Murmu finished her education in Pune and her mother never did any difference between her and her younger brothers. Her two brothers, Laxman, died of unknown causes in 2009, and another died in an accident in 2013.

She traveled to Pune to enroll in a course at the Surya Dutta Institute of Management and Mass Communication.

Itishree Murmu is currently the manager of her UCO Bank in Bhubaneswar. She and her mother have been living together since her father died of a lingering illness in 2014. She reportedly got married on March 6, 2015. Ganesh Chandra Hembram is her husband. Now she is a mother of 2 children.

Itishree Murmu says she wants to be with her mother and her two daughters even if her mother is elected president of India.

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