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Arunita Kanjilal, affectionately known as “Aru,” is a prominent Indian singer who has captivated the hearts of music enthusiasts with her melodious voice and exceptional talent. Born on January 18, 2003, in the vibrant city of Bangaon, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Arunita’s journey in the world of music has been nothing short of inspiring. As of 2023, at the age of 20, she continues to enthrall audiences with her remarkable performances, showcasing her unwavering dedication and remarkable musical abilities.

Full NameArunita Kanjilal
Date of BirthJanuary 18, 2003
BirthplaceBangaon, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Age (as of 2023)20 years

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

From an early age, Arunita Kanjilal exhibited a deep passion for music that set her on the path to becoming a singing sensation. Her talent was nurtured by her loving parents, Avni Bhushan Kanjilal, a distinguished professor, and her mother, Shravani Kanjilal. Raised in the heart of Kolkata, Arunita’s vibrant hometown played an influential role in shaping her musical identity.

Physical Appearance of Arunita Kanjilal

Height:161 cm (5’3”)
Weight:48 kg (105 lbs)
Body Measurements:34-23-32
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black

Arunita Kanjilal possesses an enchanting presence that beautifully complements her musical talents. With an aura that captures attention, she exudes grace and charm in every aspect of her physical appearance.

Height and Build:

Standing at 161 cm (5’3”), Arunita’s stature is both elegant and commanding. Her slender build, complemented by her captivating stage presence, adds to her overall appeal.

Weight and Body Measurements:

Arunita maintains her health and well-being with a weight of 48 kg (105 lbs). Her body measurements of 34-23-32 highlight her balanced and graceful proportions, contributing to her distinctive appearance.

Eye and Hair Color:

Arunita’s deep black eyes are truly captivating, reflecting her emotions and the passion she pours into her music. Her equally black hair complements her features, adding a touch of elegance to her overall look.

Style and Fashion:

Known for her effortless style, Arunita’s fashion choices often reflect her vibrant personality. Whether on stage or off, she carries herself with confidence and grace, effortlessly blending traditional and contemporary elements in her attire.

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Family of Arunita Kanjilal

Father NameAvni Bhushan Kanjilal
Mother NameShravani Kanjilal
Brother NameAnish Kanjilal

Arunita Kanjilal’s family plays an integral role in her life, providing her with the support and love that have helped shape her journey as a talented singer. Her family’s presence and encouragement have been instrumental in her rise to fame.


Arunita’s parents are Avni Bhushan Kanjilal and Shravani Kanjilal. Her father, Avni Bhushan Kanjilal, is a respected professor who has not only nurtured her intellectual growth but also supported her passion for music. Her mother, Shravani Kanjilal, has been a constant source of encouragement and strength, standing by her side as she pursued her dreams.


Arunita has a brother named Anish Kanjilal. While her sister information is not provided, her bond with her brother is a testament to the close-knit nature of her family.


Arunita Kanjilal’s family has been a pillar of support throughout her journey in the music industry. Their unwavering belief in her talent has propelled her to showcase her skills on renowned platforms like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Indian Idol 12. Their presence has not only provided her with a strong foundation but has also instilled in her the values that have made her the artist and individual she is today.

A Journey to Stardom

Arunita’s tryst with fame began when she graced the stage of the Zee Bangla Show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Her exceptional performances and soulful renditions quickly caught the attention of music aficionados across the nation. Her participation in the renowned Indian Idol 12 further solidified her status as a rising star in the music industry. Arunita’s enchanting voice, combined with her captivating stage presence, earned her a special place in the hearts of viewers and judges alike.

Musical Style and Influences

Arunita Kanjilal’s musical style is marked by a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements. Her ability to effortlessly traverse genres and evoke a range of emotions through her singing is a testament to her remarkable versatility. With a deep-rooted love for iconic singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Sunidhi Chauhan, and Shreya Ghosal, Arunita draws inspiration from their legendary contributions to the world of music.

Personal Life and Favorites

Beyond her musical prowess, Arunita is a multifaceted individual with a penchant for creativity and exploration. Her hobbies include singing, listening to music, and traveling, all of which contribute to her dynamic personality. She finds solace in the color pink, indulges in delectable biryani and pastries, and harbors a dream of visiting the captivating city of Los Angeles.

Continuing Journey and Notable Achievements

Arunita’s journey is still unfolding, and her future holds countless possibilities. Her unwavering dedication to her craft and her commitment to delivering soul-stirring performances continue to earn her accolades and admiration. With each note she sings, Arunita Kanjilal brings joy and emotion to audiences, cementing her status as a true musical sensation.

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Net Worth and Impact

Arunita Kanjilal’s talents have not only earned her a place in the hearts of fans but also a notable net worth. Her earnings are a reflection of her hard work and dedication to her art. With a salary ranging from ₹1 lakh to ₹1.5 lakh per song and an estimated net worth of ₹2 crores, Arunita’s success story continues to inspire aspiring artists and music enthusiasts across the country.

Early Musical Influences: A Musical Household

Arunita Kanjilal’s musical journey was nurtured within the nurturing walls of a household where music was not just an art form but a way of life. Born into a family with a strong musical background, her mother’s prowess as a singer played a significant role in shaping Arunita’s destiny.

Musical Inheritance: From Mother to Daughter

Arunita’s mother, herself a talented singer, became a guiding light in Arunita’s early exposure to music. With melodies flowing through the household, Arunita’s fascination with singing began at a tender age. The echoes of her mother’s songs and the melodies of her childhood provided the foundation for what would become a remarkable musical journey.

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Early Training and Mentorship: The Roots of Artistry

At the age of just four, Arunita took her first steps into the world of classical music training. With her uncle as an initial guide, she started to develop the foundation of her vocal talents. This early initiation into music laid the groundwork for her future growth.

Pursuit of Excellence: Guru Ravindra Ganguly’s Influence

As she grew, Arunita’s commitment to her craft led her to seek further expertise. Under the tutelage of Guru Ravindra Ganguly in Pune, she honed her singing skills. This mentorship provided her with the tools and techniques needed to refine her vocal prowess and carve a distinct identity in the realm of music.

A Rising Star: Zee Bangla’s “Saregamapa Little Champs”

In 2013, Arunita stepped onto the national stage through Zee Bangla’s prestigious show “Saregamapa Little Champs.” Her performances on the show captured the hearts of judges and audiences alike. Her enchanting voice and remarkable stage presence led her to emerge as the winner, marking the beginning of her journey to stardom.

Continued Pursuit of Excellence: “Saregamapa Little Champs” on Zee TV

In 2014, Arunita’s musical voyage continued as she participated in the renowned singing reality program “Saregamapa Little Champs” on Zee TV. Her rendition of the iconic song “Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo” resonated deeply with viewers and garnered widespread praise. Her ability to infuse emotion into her performances set her apart and left an indelible mark on the show.

Mentorship and Recognition: Guided by Monali Thakur

Under the mentorship of the esteemed singer Monali Thakur, Arunita’s journey gained further momentum. Her dedication and growth earned her the title of “Manch Ka Guroor,” highlighting her exceptional progress and artistry. Arunita’s willingness to learn and evolve showcased her commitment to her craft.

Influences and Aspirations: Inspired by Icons

Throughout her journey, Arunita drew inspiration from renowned figures like Hariharan and Shreya Ghoshal. Expressing her desire to train under their guidance, she demonstrated her ambition to learn from the best in the industry and continue her evolution as an artist.

Promising Path Ahead: A Future in Music

Arunita Kanjilal’s journey from a music-filled household to the national stage has been marked by dedication, passion, and the pursuit of musical excellence. With her strong foundation in classical music, emotive performances, and unwavering commitment, she paves the way for a promising future in the world of music. Her journey is a testament to the power of family support, artistic dedication, and the timeless influence of music on the soul.

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