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Google has honored India’s former star wrestler Ghulam Mohammad Baksh But, popularly known in the West as Gama Pehlwan or “The Great Gama,” on his 144th birthday. Born in Amritsar in 1878.

Wrestling See the award-winning wrestler’s illustrious career and accomplishments on and off the mat. and achieved international success and gained public respect for his off-the-mat behavior before his death in 1960. was most respected among the Indian wrestlers.

Full Name:Ghulam Mohammad Baksh
Date of BirthMay 22, 1878
Age in 196082 Year

Gama Pehlwan Early Life:

Gama Pehlwan was born on May 22, 1878, in Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Butt in Amritsar, and became an overnight county sensation when he drew Rustam-e-Hind (Indian Champion) Raheem Baksh Sultaniwala. fought evenly with veteran wrestlers.

After all, the wrestler, who was only 5 feet 7 inches, was not considered a contender against the 2-meter Sultaniwala. However, Sultaniwala was already nearing the end of his career and had to find a way to deal with the extremely agile Gama for a draw after a ferocious fight.

Full NameGhulam Muhammad Baksh Butt
BornMay 22, 1878
Place of BirthAmritsar, Punjab, British India (now in Punjab, India)
DiedMay 23, 1960 (aged 82)
Place of DeathLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Famous ForUndefeated in over 5000 matches in his career
NicknameThe Great Gama
Notable AchievementsWon the Indian Wrestling Championship and the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship
LegacyConsidered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and a national hero in Pakistan

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Gama Son/Daughter

Gama has 5 Sons, 4 Daughter’s and one Grand Daughter; her name is also nawaz sharif (Wife of Nawaz sharif), and his son Aslam Pahalwan was a Great Pakistani Wrestler and World Heavy Weight Champion.

Son’s NameAslam Pahalwan

Gama Pehlwan – The World Champion:

Gama became World Champion in 1910. Remained undefeated throughout his 52-year wrestling career Gama, known for his speed, was beaten by his rivals by just one minute. And the 110kg wrestler reigned on London’s tallest stage.

On his way to the 1910 World Championship (Rustam-e-Zamana) title, he defeated world champion Stanislaus Zbyszko, Frank Gotch, Benjamin Lawler, and others.

In other tournaments during his international tour, he defeated big names such as Switzerland’s Maurice Dérias, Johan Lem (European Champion), and Jesse Peterson (World Champion).

Gama Pehlwan Retirements:

Gama retired in 1952 undefeated. also remained undefeated in his half-career and retired at 74. He won most of the fights with familiar dominance despite multiple challenges from the same opponents, except for some formidable opponents.

Sultaniwala, who pushed Gama into a match that lasted over two hours when Gama first met him, is one of the few wrestlers the world champion has not been able to beat for a long time, and later a former Indian wrestler. Champion admitted to being the toughest competitor he once faced

However, after returning from England, Gama defeated his opponent to win the Rustam-e-Hind title after a long battle in a tournament in Allahabad.

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Gama Pehlwan Hindu’s Life Saved in Lahore:

Gama saved the Hindu’s life in Lahore in 1947. and saved majority living on Mohni Road in Lahore. He kept his promise by stopping him from harming the earth’s inhabitants.

He escorted them all to safety at the border and covered the cost of food for the week as the rioting raged.

Hobby Wrestling & Workout
Wife NameWazeer Begum
Dairy ProductMilk
Marital StatusMarried
Food Chicken, Dry Fruits
Father’s NameMuhammad Aziz Baksh

Gama’s Granddaughter Pakistan Wife:

Gama granddaughter was the wife of former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Gama’s granddaughter Kulsum Nawaz (daughter of Hafiz Bhatt), became the First Lady of Pakistan when she married the country’s former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, in 1971.

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Praise for Bruce Lee and the Prince of Wales:

Known for being tough and muscular, Gama was famous for his strict diet and exercise regimen. He was reportedly known to do 5,000 squats a day and 3,000 push-ups.

His training His routine became popular with renowned martial arts expert and movie star Bruce Lee, who took inspiration for some of his moves from Gama. Gama was also praised for his strength by the Prince of Wales during his visit to India.

Lifting a 1200 kg stone:

In 1902, Gama, who was in his twenties and weighed about 100 kg, also lifted a 1200 kg stone.

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